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- IDBMS (Indexed Database Management System)
- Key-Value pair Columnar Database System
- Real-Time Data Processing
Simple, Light Weight, In-Memory Database
- Unlimited
Data Capacity 
Supports Unlimited Indexes / Columns


Vivifying Data Processing
Where Every DATA is INDEXED
Each DATA Knows ALL of its Existence
AND has DIRECT Access to EACH such Existence

Ready to serve as Key-Value pair / Columnar /
Multi Dimentional / RDBMS database.

Light Weight, Real-Time, In-Memory, Embedded.


Business houses / Organizations are facing challenges with data explosion. Almost every organization is struggling with managing data from multiple sources and migrating or planning to migrate to another high performance database or big data solutions.

PowerIndeX is capable of indexing and processing each and every data in real-time. It can work independently as a database or search engine or can be used as indexing engine from within the database applications. Whatever your data intensive requirements in processing, analysing or reporting data, can be achieved with minimum cost and maximum data performance.  

PowerIndeX nimbly fuel your MIS and DSS to its next level of amaze. PowerIndeX is a futuristic and revolutionary and has capabilities to change the way data is being processed. 

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