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PowerIndex compared with popular databases in same environment
PowerIndex as a Database is able to outperform most others by 1000 times in CRUD operations

  • Insert Performance tested on i7 laptop with 16 GB of RAM.
  • Testing environment - Windows 10 - Netbeans with JDK 8.0.
  • Java heap size set to 10GB of RAM: -Xms10g.
  • Average record size is 290 characters.
  • Commit after every 10K rows, new connection after every 100k rows for better db performance.
  • Wherever supported, PreparedStatment is used to get maximum throughput.
  • All client / server (MySql and MongoDB) testing is done at localhost.

For simplicity in understanding the performance variations, the graph is divided into two parts The first one (above) is for number of records upto 100,000 and the second one (below) for number of records from 100,000 upto 500,000.

It is interesting to note that PowerIndex's performance is very consistent and just took less than Half Second to complete 500,000 insert operations. This performance holds TRUE for all basic CRUD operations. 


The Next Generation Data Processing

Programming for PowerIndex is very simple. Its Pure Java.

Click on the following link to download the User Guide.